Friday, October 2, 2015

Quick 5

And then there were three. (Months left in the year, that is.)

1. This week was filled with a whole lot of sitting around. Mostly because my van started acting funny when I got to MOPS on Monday. As in, suddenly the key fob and the dash board weren't working. The engine was on, but no dash board activity. Thankfully about a half an hour later everything worked fine. I took it to the shop on Monday, and they determined that the computer in our van needs a reflash. Which means I have to take it to a dealership next week. And of course since then all seems okay. But I definitely don't feel like the van is reliable right now, which is unnerving when I drive it around with kids every day. Cars are money pits.

2. I am helping to direct the Christmas play at church again this year, which means starting this week I will be at the church every Tuesday night for play practice. I love the play we're doing. I'm excited about the cast we have. And somehow I've tricked Kelvin into believing that I totally know what I'm doing when I direct a play. So thus begins the busy Christmas season.

3. I suppose the biggest news of the week was Bria's accomplishment. On Tuesday around dinner time, she was crying and whining. For like an hour. And she wouldn't eat. So I finally made her sit on the potty and read her a story. Lo and behold, she actually went #2. We had a huge celebration with cheering and jelly beans, and then she ate her dinner. The next day she went again twice. And nothing since then. Except she's able to keep her diaper dry for most of the day. I can't coax her into going again. Potty training might literally be the cause of my death. I know we have to celebrate her accomplishments, but I cannot get my hopes up at all. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? I don't know. I refuse to look.
4. I would like it recorded for posterity that Bria did in fact clog the toilet with her very first contribution. And no, it was not because of toilet paper.

5. This week was Spirit Week at Alaina's school. We remembered a few of the days. Most note worthy was today: Crazy Hair Day. Alaina has come a long way in her participation. I remember her first crazy hair day at Awana. She barely let me do anything. Today she was a willing and eager participant.

Peace out!

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