Friday, October 9, 2015

Quick 5

My wise sister once said, "May is always colder than you want it to be, and October is always warmer than you want it to be." Truth.

1. Joya is turning 5 soon, people. (As of today, that's 5 more sleeps, if you wanted to know.) I've scheduled all sorts of check-ups for her because of this. Her first one was this week at the eye doctor. She checks out just fine and does not need glasses, to her dismay. I feel like genetics is probably in her corner as far as her needing them someday, but so far so good.
Rockin' the post-dilation sunglasses
2. Cars are money pits. Taking your car to the dealership to be fixed is frustrating, even if you had an appointment.

3. Well, I **almost** violated my own rule about letting kids potty train themselves. Bria had a couple successes last week, so I thought we should go for it. And she demanded to wear pull ups at all times. But she's had ZERO success and ZERO will since last Thursday. On Tuesday I was about to pull my hair out when I remembered: let them do it themselves. So back into diapers we go. If she wants to go potty, she knows where it is and how to set it up and how to take off her pants.

4.  Alaina's class got to have an ice cream treat this week, because her class won a Box Top contest. Each class brought in Box Tops, and hers brought in 584. She was so excited. Sometimes you might wonder why I hoard those things in a baggie in the drawer with all my pot holders and why I don't just turn them in. Well, here is your answer. Sometimes if you hold on to things, you can win a contest. #liferule

5. Yesterday was the end of the first quarter of school, so we have a lovely four day weekend. We don't have any special plans, unless you call sleeping 30 minutes later each day special (which I do.) But not having to spend time doing school drop off/pick up is pretty great. And it's always fun to have Alaina run errands with us.

Next up: Joya's 5th Birthday Extravaganza!!

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Lisa said...

You never know about the need for glasses. With their genetics, I'd have expected both of mine to need glasses by now. Nope. Their vision is rocking along just fine. I don't think we'll dodge the bullet on braces, though. LOL