Friday, November 6, 2015

Quick 5

The fastest, longest week ever.

1. Lee went on a missions trip with a group from church to Oklahoma this week. He left early Sunday and gets back tonight. So it's just been me and the girls. And it's been mostly fine, I guess. The best part of him being gone was that I got to make broccoli cheese soup. It was amazing, and he doesn't like food with broccoli cooked in it. But that was it. The rest was fine, but life is better when he's here.

2. As a result of Daddy being gone, Bria has had shortened naps (by 50 minutes) every day, and two late nights, due to church activities. She actually handled that much better than I ever thought she would. But then again, she is getting close to age three. Naps are becoming more and more just a good thing and not a vital thing.

3. The only incident to report was the fact that Bria got a bloody lip from knocking her head against another girl's in the nursery on Wednesday night. It really was relatively minor. I wasn't too concerned, but the sweet nursery ladies were. They even texted to check on her the next day. Bria is just fine.

4.  Last week, Alaina was nominated for a Core Value award at school. Each grade level nominates a student for whatever core value they are focused on for the week, and Alaina got the award for Integrity. It comes with a very nice certificate and a coupon for a free kids meal at Applebee's. It's terribly exciting.

5. That's all she wrote. Tonight we're having a Friday Fiesta in honor of Daddy coming home.

And life marches on.

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