Friday, November 20, 2015

Quick 5

Let the 2015 Holiday Season commence.

1. The winter princess has arrived! (Or the hobo princess. It appears they are interchangeable.)
 2. Joya received some money for her birthday, so naturally for the past three weeks I've heard about it no less than 28 times a day. She wanted to take her $5.00 to Kohl's to buy one of those Kohl's Cares stuffed animals that they sell at the registers. I was hoping to wait for a few weeks for them to change them out, since Alaina got her one for her birthday. But alas, we could wait no longer. So Joya got to experience paying for something with her own money for the very first time. Meet Fiella, the giraffe.
3. We are already knee deep in third grade math for my second grader. She's humming along just fine in it. But I didn't realize that it would force ME to take third grade math all over again. I have to check her homework each night, which means when she does 100 math problems, I have to know those 100 answers by memory too. People who don't have kids really miss out on the elementary school review that comes with the territory.

4. This week I was burned by Once Upon A Child once again. I really need to buy used clothes, but that store is about to make me lose my ever-lovin' mind. I bought snow boots for Alaina from there this year. But she wore them on Tuesday, our snowy day this week, and came home with the interior of her boots completely saturated. Upon further examination, there were tiny holes in the bottoms of the boots. Which means the water got in. A few weeks ago she showed me a hole in the "brand-new" shirt from there too. What really chaps my hide about it is the fact that I've tried to sell my clothes there many times, and they often reject half of them claiming "slight staining" or "slight wear, " when in fact I know that they were only worn once or not at all. And then they have the gall to sell me DAMAGED CLOTHES. My hide is thoroughly chapped. I had to go buy boots from Walmart. I'm sure they'll last three weeks.

5. Apparently I accidentally started a business. Last month we had a lady come to MOPS to talk about nutrition. I always hate those talks, because I come away from them feeling hopeless. Of course nutrition is important and you need to eat more fruits and vegetables than anything, but I just couldn't do it. We don't like vegetables that much, and I can't bring myself to buy mostly things that we don't like and won't eat and will just have to throw away. But this lady introduced Juice Plus, which is simply concentrated fruits and vegetables in capsule or gummy form. I know that so many health problems can be solved or prevented with the correct amount of fruits and veggies, and Juice Plus is a giant leap toward getting the 7-13 servings you need each day. I signed up as a rep because it gave us a significant discount on the products, but apparently it means I can help other people get it too. We've been taking it for two weeks, and I'm also concentrating on making sure we actually eat more fruits and veggies too. But now I don't feel like I can't catch up anymore. So if you're ever interested, let me know!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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