Friday, January 15, 2016

Quick 5

Big sigh of relief!

1. We do have the good news that we were waiting for.  Lee was offered the job we were hoping he would be offered! It is in a near identical role to what he has been doing for the past five years (billing) at a growing company that is located less than a mile from Alaina's school. Which means it's about three miles away from our house. We're so thrilled. It sounds like it is going to be a perfect fit and it's close by. He starts on January 25, so he has one more week of "vacation."  And once again, the goodness of God prevails.

2. Lee has been enjoying hanging out with the girls. There have been snowball fights almost every morning, and Lee has been getting used to losing Uno to Joya. I've had a few appointments and volunteering things to do at the school that need to be done before Lee is gone from the house full time again, and so I've been cramming them in as best as I can these two weeks.

3. The girls had dentist visits this week, and all three got thumbs up. Bria did great until she decided she was done. Really she just missed out on the flossing, but who really likes that part anyway?
4. We're trying out a new Warm Fuzzy jar. Each time the girls do one of their chores, they get a warm fuzzy in the jar. If they do the chore without me asking, then they get two warm fuzzies. If the chore is not done correctly, they lose a warm fuzzy. When the jar is full, we go for ice cream. This new system is in beta testing right now. We'll see how it goes.

5. There is no 5 in my quick 5 today.


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