Friday, January 22, 2016

Quick 5

This winter I am thankful for my electric heating blanket on my bed.

1. Last Saturday I took Alaina and Joya to Applebee's for lunch. Alaina earned a free lunch there by getting a character award at school for integrity. We love celebrating those kinds of awards. And the girls love going out to eat. At an actual restaurant. Where we can go in and sit down. It happens about four times a year, so it's an exciting event.

2. Monday was a day off of school, but it was shadowed by sickness. Alaina was sick most of the day, which was sad. So we watched movies and kid shows all day long. She felt much better on Tuesday, but she had to stay home from school anyway, since her symptoms didn't start to go away until dinner time on Monday. Thankfully most of the rest of the family has been unaffected, although Bria seemed like she was going to succumb yesterday. But she's okay.

3. Joya is my little creator. She would much rather draw, paint, color and play with playdoh than play with the myriads of other toys we have. I'm learning that there is actually quite the difference between and Pretender and a Creator. Alaina likes to pretend, Joya likes to create. Can anyone name what she made here?
4. Let's not forget Bria. I have serious doubts that this girl will ever be potty trained. She is just Not Interested. No thank you. Whatever. She's my third kid, and I have no fight left in me. I'll change her diaper for another few months or so, then I'll teach her how to do her own. And take the diaper money out of her college fund. She can wear diapers forever if she wants.

5. In other news, I took a giant tumble over the hill by getting my first pair of reading glasses. Age does not play favorites.

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