Friday, February 5, 2016

Quick 5

Seeing pink and red hearts all over the place in every store makes me smile.

1. This was a weird short week. It was already short due to parent teacher conferences. Alaina was scheduled to have Thursday and Friday off of school. But then you throw in a random Tuesday snow day and the week becomes a hodge podge of unpredictability. We're surviving, but these kind of weeks are hard on the mom who has zero creativity when it comes to finding things for her kids to do. So she just doesn't. Anyway, we probably got a little over a foot of snow. It's pretty. Now I wish it would go away.

2. We heard a good report from Alaina's teacher at the conference. She's doing just fine with her school work, as long as she remembers to turn in her homework. She can be chatty during group work, but we all knew that about her, didn't we?

3. Thanks to some Christmas money from my grandparents, and one of those crazy "If the Broncos make the Superbowl, we'll give you a 50% discount on all work done!" deals, we are having our carpets cleaned today. I know this isn't exciting news, but it's the news we have this week.

4. Our taxes are done. It's a task I enjoy doing every year. I like checking off the box and making the government give me back my money.

5. The most exciting news is that I entered a contest on Way FM and it turns out I am one of the 100 finalists in the running to win a 60" TV and home theater system. It's based on the Superbowl know, one of those grid things. If the last digits of the final score coincide with my box, I win! And if the last digits of the score at the end of any of the quarters coincide with my box, then I win a $100 gift card. It's still a long shot, but it's fun to be a finalist!  And since we have a sneaking suspicion that this game will not go in our favor, then it's nice to have a little side game going to keep us in good spirits.

Go Broncos!!

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