Friday, March 4, 2016

Quick 5

1. I can't decide if this is a parent fail or a PBS Kids fail, but my kids are having a hard time grasping the current season. It's still winter. Yes, we are having quite a few mid-60s days. So we've been wearing short sleeved shirts. So it must be summer, according to the littles. Explaining seasons is hard.

2. Bria is becoming wise in her old age. No one had to teach her the art of Changing the Subject. If she is in trouble, or simply is being told something she doesn't want to hear, she will immediately respond with a question or statement that is a completely different topic than the one we are discussing. For example:

Me: Bria, do NOT throw sand!
Bria: I like my book!

Me: Bria, you have to wait your turn! You can't just take toys out of people's hands!
Bria: I have an owie!

So far we haven't been fooled, but by golly she's going to keep trying.

3. I attempted homemade spaghetti sauce this week. It looked fairly simple. I even simmered it for the recommended hour and a half. I learned that I think we're going to be a Prego family for life.

4. We never properly celebrated the fact that we went through the entire month of February without any major health incidents. We're a pretty healthy family in general. I like to think our Juice Plus consumption has really supported that. But the month of February was marked by the fact that we were between health insurances. Our insurance from Lee's old company terminated on January 31, and the insurance from the new company wasn't effective until March 1. We had the option of Cobra as a safety measure, but we didn't want to use it. And we didn't have to, thank the Lord. It made me nervous, but we were fine.

5. This girl:
Plod onward, friends.

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