Friday, March 11, 2016

Quick 5

March, I shake my fist angrily in your direction!!

1. This week was marked by a sick Bria. She had unladylike lower intestinal issues. Tuesday morning she woke up and scared the living daylights out of us by being non-interactive. She was responsive; she ate and drank and answered questions, but she was pale and silent. Usually first thing in the morning she is either completely chatty or whining and fussing as loudly as possible. She took a nap during morning room time and seemed to be a bit more like herself for the rest of the day. Then Wednesday she woke up and cried about how her tummy hurt. She ate yogurt for breakfast and calmed down some. We ran an errand. Then around 10:00 she started crying (literally) about her tummy again. Then she did not stop for an hour. She didn't want to be held, she didn't want food or drink. So I called our pediatrician and they had me bring her in right away. I scooped her up and Joya and I ran out the door. She was still crying about it at the doctor's office, and the doctor couldn't even get a good exam done because she was resisting so much. So the doctor told us to go to Children's Hospital, because they needed to do x-rays and possibly an ultrasound to rule out appendicitis. Bria actually began to calm down a bit on the way to the hospital, which was good because I was beginning to freak out and Joya needed to cry too. Bria was much calmer at the hospital; calm enough for the doctor there to do a good exam. Immediately she ruled out appendicitis, because she said she was "mashing down on it pretty good" and Bria wasn't even flinching. But the doctor felt that her belly was distended, and she could feel a lot of air in there. We were able to get into x-ray pretty quickly, and by the time we got back, Lee had arrived with chicken nuggets for Joya and me, since we hadn't had lunch. When you're at the hospital all you do is wait around, so that's what we did too. Joya and Bria got to watch a Mickey Mouse clubhouse DVD, and we just waited. Then Bria started literally gassing us out. So much stink from one little girl. The doctor came in and said that the x-rays showed there was no blockage, so they started giving her juice and crackers to see if she could keep them down. She did. All of that was for gas, I'm both embarrassed and relieved to say. My consolation is that it was on the doctor's orders that we went in; I wasn't just being a panicky mom.
Gassing herself out

2. On Thursday morning Bria woke up completely back to normal. All is well. Not even a smidge of stink left.

3. Which brings me to my PSA/Soapbox for the week. As a mom, a nursery director and a babysitter, I feel I need to remind the Mom World to keep their kids home when they are sick. And YES, moms, diarrhea IS sick. I know your kid is much more active when they have lower intestinal issues, as opposed to when they are throwing up, but it is STILL SICK. Last Thursday at our babysitting, a mom dropped off her girl and told me that she had been having "really gross diapers." She said that if she needed a diaper change to call her and she would do it. I'll be honest; I didn't think much of it. But if she had been having those issues, then she was sick. She touched everything in that nursery, and then so did Bria. And Bria still puts stuff in her mouth. I'm very sorry I took Bria to the library on Wednesday morning. I didn't let her play with toys, but we probably shouldn't have been there. My point is, if you have any respect for your fellow mothers, DON'T TAKE YOUR SICK KID AND PUT THEM IN A NURSERY SETTING WITH OTHER KIDS.

4. On the bright side, Joya did AMAZING on Wednesday. She was hungry because all this was going down at lunch time, but she went with the flow. She was patient. She didn't whine. I'm so proud of her.

5. Also, Bria completely missed her nap that day for the first time ever. She did amazing too. She pretty much passed out when I put her to bed at 6:30 that night, but she really handled it like a champ. Which means I don't have to worry about the nap so much. I'll keep it as the main part of our lives, but if there is something we need to do, she can probably handle it.

Looking forward to a weekend filled with 70 degree days!

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