Friday, March 18, 2016

Quick 5

It's like the weather realized that it only had a few more days of winter, and remembered that it forgot to snow a bunch for the past two months. Boo snow!

1. When Lee started his new job, he was very surprised to see his old co-worker Nick already working there. Nick was a good friend at the old job. He has been here for dinner and has helped us move (maybe more than once.) He joined us for dinner again on Monday. Lee bought the girls a real soccer ball, and since Nick enjoys soccer he spent a lot of time kicking the ball around with the girls. In fact, he spent most of his time here playing with them outside. It was fun to have him here again, and I very much appreciate his kindness toward the girls.

2. Bria has eaten her weight in jelly beans this week. I've been a willing source of these jelly beans, because the girl is potty training! For reals. It took a bit of unorthodox strong arming, but on Monday we had our first ever success. And she's been going strong ever since. We've had one accident each day, but for the most part she stays dry. She also has to go about four times an hour, sometimes five. Or, you know, whenever she feels the need for a jelly bean. Which is very, very often. She loves wearing her underwear and balks at the idea of wearing a pull up, but Mommy insists at nap time, bedtime, and when we're not going to have access to a bathroom for more than an hour. But even then, with the exception of overnight, she can stay dry. It's been a pretty exhausting week for me, but this is a good trend.

3. It's probably been due to all the jelly beans, but Bria has been super active this week. Her favorite thing to do is run and do a tuck and roll on our bean bag chair. She launches herself without fear. And when she's tired of that, she just runs laps around the living room. Oh to have that kind of energy.

4. The leprechaun was up to his old tricks on Thursday. Literally. I think he only has one prank. The girls were delighted to see that he somehow turned their cereal milk green again. The milk was white in their cups, but turned green when they poured it into their cereal. He's a tricky one, isn't he?
 5. We made it to Spring Break! We don't have any big plans for the week. An oil change for the van. Lunch with some friends on Wednesday. We might get to go see some baby chicks at a friend's house. But that's it. We'll just play it by ear.

Goodbye Winter! It's been real!

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