Friday, April 8, 2016

Quick 5

1. Last Friday, Joya was dying to be pranked. Last year I froze their milk on April Fool's Day, and they were hoping for the same thing this year. I maintain that it's not a good prank if they are expecting it. But I couldn't think of anything else to do. Until I realized that we were having hamburgers for dinner. So I prepared their plates as usual, had them sit down, and then I served Joya this:
That is a plastic toy hamburger. It was a perfect prank. And she was happy. (Don't worry, I have a good idea for next year.)

2. I'm not too big of a fan of spring because early spring is still pretty barren. The trees are all naked and it just looks sad around here. But the warm weather is so refreshing. Sunday was a perfect day to introduce popsicles to 2016.

 3. This week was Crazy Hair/Hat day at Awana. Alaina stayed true to form and really resisted participating. She had fun talking and planning it a dinner, but when it came time for execution she totally chickened out. She finally just wore a regular hat. But Joya was totally game for the fun.
4. Our most exciting discovery this week was Trader Joe's. There has never been one close by, and I also thought it was one of those trendy things that I should stay away from just because everyone else goes there. But since one opened in our area, we decided to check it out. I will definitely be visiting there quite frequently.

5. We attempted a family hike last Saturday. What we failed to remember is that just because it is nice outside doesn't mean it's nice to hike in the mountains. The trail was totally muddy. And we were so ill-equipped for that. All we had on were our normal, every day shoes. So we had to cut the hike short pretty quick. But the girls loved the idea, and so we decided to buy shoes for hiking for all of us; shoes that we won't be sad if they get muddy. We are now prepared to get out there, come mud or shine.

Happy Birthday to my big sis Jamie! Hope your day is filled with happy, compliant children!

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