Friday, April 1, 2016

Quick 6

Doesn't it feel good to be out of March?

1. Our final Spring Break event involved livestock. We got to go to our friend's house to hold baby chicks. The girls had been talking about it for weeks. They loved it and Bria still wants to go back. Even Bria held the chicks, although she had to be closely monitored and reminded to hold them gently every time she squeezed their little necks. Bria also got very comfortable with helping them fly, by tossing them into the room or back in their little cage. We put a stop to that as much as we could too. And there was only one incident of Bria sitting in chicken poop. But it was fun to see animals they have never seen before. Maybe we can go back this summer to see what those little fluff balls look like grown up.

2. Alaina and Joya got to have donuts with Daddy on Saturday. Bria got to stay home and play on Mommy's tablet. A good time was had by all.
3. Our Easter celebration was a quiet affair. We didn't have an egg hunt due to the foot of snow on the ground, but we will probably have one in a week or so, when everything dries out. My girls looked...special. But it's not about how you look, is it?
4. We had a fun mail week this week. We got the title to our van. I got the materials for a writing course I am taking. And we got a big box of clothes for the girls from a high school friend of mine. It's been like Christmas around here.

5. We're about a month away from the anniversary of our basement flooding. I've been having hard core flashbacks with all the wet, heavy snow we've had lately. But our sump pump is working like a champ. Our backyard looks like a lake, but I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing that lake inside this year.

6. April Fool's! There is no number 6. I'm hilarious, aren't I?


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