Friday, May 20, 2016

Quick 5

We made it!

1. Today is the last day of school. Alaina gets to enjoy a picnic lunch, an ice cream party, and an early dismissal. I well remember the feeling on the last day of school, and I very much enjoy watching her brimming with excitement. She rocked 2nd grade.

2. Watching the personalities of my three girls emerge is fun to watch and frustrating to manage. Alaina loves to pretend. Joya would rather create art. The downside to the creation of art is the negotiation of what stays and what goes. Sometimes taking a picture of her art is good enough. Sometimes throwing away a colored picture out of a coloring book is like removing a piece of her soul. It's a crap shoot when it comes to how she feels about each piece of art.
A rainbow ukulele
Playing the rainbow ukulele
3.  Alaina's birthday is in two weeks. She's already checking the mailbox for birthday surprises, so clearly it's going to be a long two weeks. She typed up her birthday list for us:


Magic Tree House Books #s 6,7,8

Stuffed Dragon 

More G-2 pens 

a NINJAGO Lego set 





She's a woman of few wants. She also stumbled across a G-2 pen a while back, and has decided she needs more of those in her life. Clearly G-2 pens are something that should be on every almost-8-year-old's birthday list.

4. Did you know that they have dark chocolate peanut butter cups at Trader Joe's? Well, you should. Lee LOVES peanut butter. I'm okay with it sometimes. It's fine, but I don't need it. But these things, man. Next time you're there, find them. Or make a special trip, if you don't go that often.

5. This is what Bria said to me as I was getting her dressed this morning:

"I'm awesome! Feel my muscles!"

Self-esteem: check.

Happy 4th Birthday to my niece Tegan! We love you!

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