Friday, June 24, 2016

Quick Update

Summer is here to stay.

The main story line of the week follows Swimming Lessons 2016. All three girls are in this year, and it has been an education. The first day was AWFUL. Not for Alaina and Joya; those two are champs. They are in Level 3 and Level 2 respectively, and they are doing great. But then there's Bria. We'll probably say that about her for most of her life. She's a Tiny Tuna, which is a class of just 3 year olds. The first day was bat-poo insane. I blame myself; I should have taken them all swimming once or twice before lessons started so that Bria wasn't out of her mind excited about being in the pool, which then triggered Not Listening and Not Staying With Her Teacher. I literally witnessed the beginning stages of how a kid can almost drown with no outward signs. She had gotten to a place where the water was just above her waist, and she put her face in the water and then just didn't bring it out. She started moving, with her face down, toward deeper water. The teachers were all around her, but dealing with other kids. I yelled, then ran to the pool and yanked her up. It scared the daylights out of me, but thankfully not her. Tuesday was remarkably better, as she heard a constant lecture for the rest of the day about staying on the wall and listening to her teacher. And by Thursday I felt like I didn't have to watch her every single second.

That's life around here. One more week of swimming lessons, then I imagine we'll enter into the Great Mourning of 2016 as Bria copes with the fact that lessons are over.

Peace out, friends.

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