Friday, July 22, 2016

Quick 3

Summer marches on.

1. School supplies have slowly been appearing in our house. I always feel like there is probably a better deal out there, but I've done the best price comparisons that I can, and it seemed to make sense to buy some of the stuff on Amazon. That meant packages coming to our house, and the only thing better than new school supplies is getting packages.

2. The girls had their summer dental visit on Tuesday. It's a walk in the park these days. Alaina even sees her own hygienist. I'm not even in the room with her anymore. The thing that makes that easier is that it's my friend Teri cleaning her teeth, but it's weird to me to think she's so grown up that she can handle the process, and all I need is an update from Teri and Dr. Nielsen. Joya had her first x-rays, and Bria mostly behaved herself.

3. A good dental visit required lunch at Steak n' Shake afterward. It's fun having older girls to take to lunch. (It will be even more fun when Bria isn't three anymore, but she mostly did okay.)

That's all she wrote, folks. T-minus 3 weeks until the Great Trek to Michigan.

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