Friday, July 29, 2016

Quick 5

This week was brought to you by Trader Joe's Broccoli & Kale Slaw.

1. Last Saturday Alaina spent some of her Super Summer Challenge money on a fishing trip with Dad. They got up at 5:15am and headed out. Alaina learned how to cast and caught a bunch of fish, including a tiny minnow. They capped off the morning with a donut, which really is the only way to cap off an early morning adventure.
2. Last Saturday we went to my niece Elli's birthday party, which was at a pool in Colorado Springs. I'm sad to say I took zero pictures of it, so you'll have to trust me when I say a good time was had by all. Despite the secure floaties, Bria spent the entire time in the pool clinging to an adult (me, Grammy, Grandad, Apple Ben, Aunt Jamie, Uncle Nick...she didn't discriminate). She also enjoyed playing in the fountains. Alaina and Joya were also wearing the floaties, since the most shallow part was still 4 foot deep, but they had the time of their lives jumping and being launched into the water by Apple Ben. Somehow, in the Shadow of Mount Early Child Rearing, I forgot how fun pools were.

3. The girls got to wear their swimsuits once again at a MOPS playdate. There is a park in Highlands Ranch with fountains and a wading river. The girls had fun with their friends, but mostly just had fun getting wet.
4. People keep asking me what we've been up to this summer. I have no idea. The days have obviously gone by, but I don't know what we've been doing. But this is pretty much a daily occurrence around here, so maybe I'll just start saying "we've been having fun pops."
5. The girls are totally into TY toys this year. You know, the makers of Beanie Babies? They spend hours playing with them. They spend hours dreaming of the next one they'll get. They even used some of their very own real money to buy a couple more (yes, they paid with mostly coins.) But that's what the kids are into these days, I guess. Bria doesn't have any, but so far she hasn't put up a fuss about that.
Meet Sparkle and Sophie, Smoker and Foxy

Up next week: school registration. Kindergarten and third grade, here we come!

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