Friday, August 5, 2016

Quick 5

This week was brought to you by nature's drink: water.

1. We finally busted out the ol' swimming pool last Saturday. Lee filled it first thing in the morning and we let it sit in the sun all day. The girls got in at about 3:00. Alaina lasted for about 30 minutes before declaring it too cold. Joya was in and out. But Bria stayed in until we dragged out her shivering, blue lipped body kicking and screaming. The swimming waters of Colorado are perilous.
2. Lee has been enjoying a new hobby: yellow jacket killing. The wasps and yellow jackets are everywhere this year. We haven't gotten stung, which is pretty amazing since the girls still like to eat popsicles in the backyard every day, with them buzzing around their ankles. But we still don't like them. Lee figured out a way to dispatch them, in addition to the traps and spraying any nests that we find.

First he locates a yellow jacket.

Then he whacks it with his rolled up newspaper. Then he usually gives it a good stomp. This renders them mostly dead, not completely.

Then he picks it up chop stick style, using old popsicle sticks.

Then he drops it in one of the two or three anthills in the backyard. The ants come storming out and swarm the intruder, dragging the body into the depths of their lair.
This is Lee's current kill count. He does not count the kill if he cannot find the body after whacking it down. This also doesn't include the 40 or so that are in the yellow jacket trap.

3. Aunt Jamie invited the girls down for a cousin sleepover last Sunday. They swam and bothered Jamie instead of going to sleep. I drove down on Monday for one more swim session. Bria lost her ever-lovin' mind. Then I brought them home. The girls all passed out within the first 8 minutes of our drive home. I guess I can call that a success.

4. Alaina and Joya are officially registered for school. The fees have been paid, their pictures have been taken, our carpool number is ready and the supplies have all been bought. We'll miss the first two days of school due to Ben's wedding, but we're all ready for the minute we get back.

5. I have harvested six tomatoes from my tomato plant. Let the BLT eating commence.

Over and out.

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