Friday, August 12, 2016

Quick 5

August = the return of the night crickets

1. I guess I hadn't really realized that this was our last week of summer at home. Two more sleeps then we leave for the Great Road Trip aka Operation: Watch Ben and Cora Get Hitched. And literally the day after we get home the girls start school. So I tried to do a few special things, but mostly we've just been getting ready for the trip.

2. Last Saturday we had fun at a new park celebrating our friend Corbin's second birthday. New parks are always fun. Birthday parties are always fun. 73 degree days in the middle of summer are always fun.

3. On Monday we hit Sonic for lunch. It's a rare day that we actually eat at Sonic, but the weather was nice and a table with an umbrella was open. Bria took a few bites of her corn dog, ate all her fries, and then asked for real lunch when we got home. "You know. Samwiches." 
4. We'll be in Michigan next week, which means we'll miss Back to School Night and the first and second days of school. I talked to the front desk gal (I LOVE front desk ladies at school) and she emailed me when the teachers were in their classrooms working this week so we could at least meet them. The class lists weren't finalized yet, so we met both kindergarten teachers. Alaina's teacher wasn't there, but we did get to see her classroom. It helped me to know that Joya's teachers knew for sure that she would miss the first two days, and that they know her face now. Hopefully it will make our first day a little less crazy.

5. I guess that's a wrap for our Colorado summer. Up next is our great adventure. We're all just a little bit excited about it around here.

Catch you on the flip side!

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