Friday, September 16, 2016

A Discussion About the Quick 5

There's not much new to report this week. We had our first parent teacher conferences with the girls' teachers, and they're both doing great. They are good learners and they are thriving in the classroom. You can't ask for a much better report than that.

I'm considering phasing out the Quick 5. It's been fun, but I'm not sure I have five things to talk about each week anymore. Also, I'm wondering if my quick 5 isn't contributing to the false sense of connection brought on by the Internet. This blog is nice, but it doesn't foster any dialogue. Dialogue is what brings about connection. I often feel like I give my five highlights, but then have nothing else to talk to anyone about. Plus there's the whole braggy/unsolicited/let me talk about US thing going on.

I can still use this blog to let you know if anything spectacular happens. But honestly, most of our life is simple and normal. The kids go to school and learn and grow. I cook food and clean up messes and do laundry. Lee goes to work and does well and provides for our family. That's the essence of every quick 5 anyway.

These are today's musings.

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