Friday, September 2, 2016

Quick 5 - The Road Trip Part II

And now for the rest of the story. (All the really good pics in this post were taken by my sister Carolyn.)

1. The girls did so well with their cousins. There were only a few minor, childish snafus but those were expected and dealt with. It was so great to spend some time with the long-lost Canadian cousins too. Zeke even almost beat me in checkers.

2. All the cousins, plus a couple of Cora's cousins, were flower children. They carried signs made by my sister that said "Here Comes the Bride." And as far as I know they did quite well during the actual ceremony. I was sitting over on the side, waiting with suckers for when they finished the job. But I did get to watch all the faces of the wedding guests, and they all oohed and aahed as the kids walked down the aisle. They were pretty cute.

3. The day before the wedding we had a formal rehearsal lunch and a family fun BBQ dinner at Cora's family farm. They had a jousting match set up, which the kids all loved. We also managed to sneak in a few family pics. That was a fun day.
4. The wedding was beautiful. A bit rainy, but so lovely. My favorite thing from the day (besides gawking at the bride) came from Lee. After Ben and Cora had been pronounced man and wife and had kissed and were walking back down the aisle, Lee looked down to see Joya bawling. There was much crying during the week as kids got hurt and/or offended often, so he leaned down and asked what happened. Joya replied "I'm just so happy for them." They were precious, happy tears. She's my little tenderheart, that one. Here are all the wedding/reception pics I have:
 5. And now back to real, boring life. School is going well. Kindergarten Crud hit Joya in the form of strep this week, so she had to take her first sick day, which she was not happy about. It's a good thing that she loves school so much. Joya received a Big Hand Award from music this week. It's a certificate saying that Joya was a good student. Joya wanted to know what the certificate was for. "Can I buy anything with it?" she asked. It was a bit less cool once she found out that the certificate was it's own complete award. 

Welcome Labor Day Weekend!

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