Friday, September 9, 2016

Quick 5

Go Broncos!

1. We're getting into the swing of things around here, I think. Last week Bria and I did something that even I had never done: Family Time at the library. I had never taken any of the girls to any type of story time because it always seemed like I had one that was too small, and I was never in any mood to corral the tiny, loud one while the others heard the story. But Bria is old enough and she needs something to do, so we went. That girl danced like no one was watching, squirmed through the three stories, and did her craft like a boss. I think we'll do that more often now.
 2. Last week was the first week of Awana uniforms, but since Joya was sick we had to wait to take the picture until this week. This is the nicest picture I could get.
3. My friend Amy has chickens, and she brought some eggs for us to take. And then she brought me some of her super special eggs. A novelty, or freak of nature of sorts. See? Two eggs:
Three yolks:
So cool! Thanks Amy!

4. Our apples are all turning red and falling all over the place. And Bria loves to be outside these days. Because she's "so hungry!" And apples are "so hel-fy!" She's a nibbler.
We could probably count the number of apples she's eaten, but we'll probably never know the number of worms she's eaten.

5. Good news: our raspberry bush is making us raspberries! We thought that it was a dud year, because there had been no buds on it all summer. But lo and behold, it was waiting for the cooler nights of September. Now it's a race to see who can get to them first, me or Bria.

 That's all she wrote!

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